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Confetti Handheld Launcher 42"inch Barrell


Product Description


The Master Blaster Confetti Launcher has a 42 inch long barrel. You can load either 4-9" speed load tubes or 2-18" speed load tubes into the barrel. You can also load 15 pieces of our large confetti streamers or double wrapped confetti into the barrel. The trigger unit of the launcher uses a 16-gram threaded Co2 cylinder. You need one Co2 cylinder per shot.

The Master Blaster Co2 confetti launcher is a versatile because it is a hand-held launcher and can be positioned anywhere you need it during your event. It shoots 18" Speed load tubes of Metallic Streamers 50' into the air. If you load it with our large confetti streamers, 2" X 40' it will shoot them 85' into the air.  It also shoots our 18 inch speed load tubes of Tissue Flutter FETTI confetti 35' into the air. If we double wrap our Tissue or Metallic Flutter FETTI, it will fly up to 40' into the air!

Please discuss the ceiling height and the size of your space with our Confettiologists to be sure you order the correct confetti launcher and accompanying products for your event.

    4-9" Speed Load tubes of Metallic confetti products or 2-18" Speed Load tubes of Tissue Products or 15 pieces of our large Tissue or Metallic Streamer Products
    1" Compression Cap
    Compression Tape
    16 Gram Threaded Co2 Cylinder

NOTE - If you are using our products by the Gross to fill the Master Blaster, the paper tab will be on each streamer keeping the streamer closed in the bag. YOU MUST BREAK THE TAB before loading the Streamers by the gross into your launcher barrel, or it will not unroll in the air.

Caution: Do not fire our Co2 confetti launchers loaded with Metallic Streamers outside over telephone wires, for our PVC streamers conduct electricity. If our streamers land on 2 power lines, you run the risk that they may short out the nearest fuse or transformer. If you want to shoot streamers outside, please use our 2" X 40' Tissue Streamers or our 18" speed load tubes of tissue streamers, both of which are flame-retardant.

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